April 7th, 2024


Throwback Brewery

Join us during the week of April 7th to celebrate NH Pint Days, a celebration of beer in New Hampshire put on by the NHBA (New Hampshire Brewer’s Association). We are proud to once again be a destination to snag this year’s commemorative pint glass, which will be available for purchase both in our store and as part of a special promo in our taproom.

This year’s glass is a frothy tribute to New Hampshire’s outdoor adventures. Check it out, we think it’s the coolest!

The design features scenes of hiking, camping, and serene lakes and rivers that mirror the Granite State’s outdoor charm. But here’s where it gets extraterrestrial – inspired by the legendary alien abduction of NH, there’s an added galaxy twist.

Glasses are $10 each in our store and $6 in our taproom when you order one of our farm-fresh beers. NH Pint Days runs from April 7th-14th, so you don’t want to miss out! $1 from each glass goes to support the NHBA.

So sip, savor, and embark on a cosmic journey with artistry in hand, because in New Hampshire, even your beer glass is an adventure. Cheers to creativity, craftsmanship, and a touch of the unknown!