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FAQs about Throwback During Covid-19

Much has changed over the past month with the Covid-19 crisis, so we have assembled links to the most commonly asked questions about our hours, menu, etc.:

When are you open? 
Our open hours can be found here. We are offering contactless takeout and delivery during our open hours. In other words, you will have to order ahead, rather than come in to our pub to order. This is for the safety of both you and our employees.

How do you place an order? 
Option 1: Phone: Please call 603-379-2317 x1 or x3. If it is busy, that means we are on the other line. Please try again! If you want delivery, you must call instead of using online ordering.
Option 2: For pickup here, we now offer Online Ordering: 

Before you call, please make sure that 1: you have reviewed the menu for the day and know what you want to order and 2- that you have your credit card ready. Since we are doing contactless takeout and delivery, we aren’t handling credit cards. We will simply take your card info over the phone!

What’s on your menu?
The latest food and beer menu can be found here. If you have visited that page before today, please make sure to manually refresh the page. We update our menu daily with freshly made specials, so please make sure you are looking at the latest and greatest (today’s date should be on top of the menu)!

Do you offer a curbside option?
We’ve seen different versions of curbside swirling around, so to be perfectly clear, this is what we do here… If you pick up here, we will have your food / beer waiting on an outside table near our parking lot. It will be marked with a slate with your name on it. You can then grab it from there. All contactless! Oh, and our team will wear disposable gloves to drop the food off. ** Note, when it is cold / raining out, we will ask that you call when you arrive and we will run the food out to the table with your name on it, ensuring that it stays as warm and fresh as possible.

Do you deliver?
Yes! During our open business hours, we deliver food, beer, and merchandise within 6 miles of Throwback Brewery. This covers Hampton, North Hampton, and much of Rye, Greenland, Stratham, and some of Exeter and Portsmouth. We are also now delivering beers to our surrounding towns outside of this radius, including all of Exeter, Stratham, Greenland, Rye, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Dover, Durham, Newfields, and Newmarket. To order, please go to:

Do you fill growlers?
Yes. If you want to fill a growler or growlette, we will fill a new one for you (for health and safety reasons) and swap it for your old one if you have one to exchange. If you’ve never filled a growlette here, we have plenty of news ones for you! Growlettes are 32 ounces (2 pints) and are tall and skinny. Our growlers are 2 liters (~4 pints) and round with a handle on it. We are only filling the 2 liter growlers if you have one to exchange since we are down to the last handful of growlers of this size.

When you will be back open for dine-in?
We don’t know – it really depends upon how our nation comes together to fight the virus. That being said, if it seems safe to do so, we will be open by the second week in May.

How are you guys doing?
Honestly, we are all fairly exhausted! We are down to a small team now, and times are stressful. That being said, you guys have been incredible. In March we did enough takeout / delivery business to pay for all of our employees healthcare – even the furloughed employees. We also were able to pay the loans we needed to. We are optimistic that April will be the same. The new Cares act (which includes forgiveness of principal & interest on our SBA loans from April through September) is simply awesome, and we have applied for the Paycheck Protection Program, which will enable us to get all of our employees back. Fingers crossed that that comes through!

We feel so lucky to have such great customers, and we really can’t thank you enough. The incredibly nice comments on social media about our food, the love notes tucked under the slates outside, the overly generous tips, the waves & huge smiles at us through our large barn door, the pictures of our beer being enjoyed at home. All of this propels us forward. It keeps our tiny team motivated to keep being creative, to keep putting out the best & freshest product around, and to keep smiling. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you!