Fat Alberta is our chocolate peanut butter Imperial Stout. Fat Alberta is the definition of decadence — rich, chocolatey, very full bodied, and reminiscent of one of our favorite treats — a chocolate peanut butter cup. It’s a dessert in itself!

Part of the fun of Fat Alberta is that each year we craft this beauty of a beer using slightly different brewing techniques, resulting in nuances that make each batch both similar AND unique. Here are a few notes from the past several years:

2023– this year’s batch is VERY balanced- with flavors and aromas of 70% dark chocolate up front, followed by creamy peanut butter. Release date: Saturday, December 9th.

2022 dry roasted peanut aroma, flavors of dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream and cold brew coffee, full bodied and luscious. If you are fans of 80% dark, bitter chocolate, then this version is for you! This drinks with a slightly bigger alcohol kick than 2023.

2021 super smooth body with flavors of chocolate-covered raisins and peanuts, caramel, and dark fruits. 

2020 – This year’s batch is around 11% again, and the aroma is akin to being enveloped in a warm hug of dark Enna Chocolate, with a kiss of dry roasted peanuts.

2019 – merlot nose with flavor of red wine, raisins, chocolate chip cookie dough, roast, and peanut brittle, with a tobacco finish.

2018 This super smooth batch is like the best possible form of Raisinets – caramel-y raisins covered in 60% dark chocolate with a toffee finish.  

Note – we brew Fat Alberta once a year – to be ready for early December. Many customers ask about this beer all year long, so keep an eye out – when she is released, she never lasts too long!

Also Note – Fat Alberta is so smooth and decadent that you would never guess it packs such a punch (~11%ABV)!