Razzmatazz is our new Raspberry Wheat Ale, featuring flavors and aromas of raspberry sugar cookies, with a nice rounded balance of bitter berry, currants, and sweet caramel malt. At 7.4% ABV, a pint of this small batch, special beer should take the chill off AND get you ready for the holiday season!

Here are some additional tasting notes:

Appearance:  bright, glowing pinkish red with a beautiful white lacy head

Aroma: sugar-coated wheat bread with raspberries and a mild lemon tea note round out the pleasant aroma

Flavor: raspberry cookie flavor up front with a nice sugary malt backbone that blends with the bitter bitter notes to give a lovely balance of flavors. Other notes include currants and soft, delicate caramel.

Body:  this beer features a very full body, but it is still quite refreshing