Rocky (our miniature donkey) seems to be quite happy with the way his Raspberry IPA came out! Rocky’s Raspberry IPA features a hoppy citrus aroma and a very bright, jammy raspberry flavor, finishing with a mild tart and hoppy resinous finish. Think of this new 6.7% ABV beer as a smaller version of our Donkey-Hoté Double IPA, but with a gorgeous reddish pink color and a pronounced raspberry kick! Rocky’s Raspberry IPA goes on tap Saturday, along with three other new raspberry beers. It will be available to go via growler and growlettes.

Here are some additional tasting notes:

Appearance: glowing red in color with a bright white head and lacing

Aroma: pronounced raspberry aroma mixed with lemon and lime citrus notes.

Flavor: raspberry, citrus with a nice balance of bitterness that is reminiscent of lemon and lime pith. Finishes with a mild herbal citrus note.

Body: this is a medium to full-bodied IPA with a perceived softness.

Rocky’s Raspberry IPA seems to be goat-approved as well! 🙂