She Sells Seashells is a lightly salted, super refreshing blonde ale that is gently hopped to achieve mild notes of spicy lemon tea and soft peach with an earthy, bergamot tea finish. She Sells Seashells has a lovely, clear golden color with a pure white head. It drinks light and crisp, balanced by flavors of bready malt and citrusy lemon pith. This is our go to beach beer, and we hope that this beer’s fruity aromas and light touch of Maine Sea Salt will transport you to a sun-soaked beach with a light sea breeze – no matter where you are!

We first created this beer as a one-off in the Spring of 2016 for a local restaurant. We put it on tap here at the Throwback pub, and we flew through it faster than any other beer we have ever had on tap. Since then, it’s become one of our favorite Spring / Summer beers!

This year (2021), we modified the recipe slightly to put it clearly in the ‘crisp and clean’ category. We really wanted more of a classic blonde ale on tap for the summer. Something that you want to drink in our beer garden during peak summer heat. Or, something that you want to grab a 4-pak of and pair with your favorite outdoor activity.

Hops used in this beer include Mosaic, Cascade, Meridian and Santiam.