Stout #3 is a deliciously smooth American-style stout with a caramel-colored head, full body, and a beautiful, deep black color. Stout # 3 will tease your palette with hints of cocoa and a rich, roasty flavor. The roasty notes complement most of our favorite foods – chocolate, a nice rare steak, chili, custard, and more!

Some ask us, “what happened stouts number 1 and 2?”. Well, the first beer Annette and Nicole ever homebrewed was Nosie’s Oatmeal Stout. The second beer we brewed at Throwback was Fat Alberta. As the story goes, Nicole wasn’t at the brewery one day and Annette needed to submit the name for this new American Stout, so she named it Stout #3. Nicole makes sure to be at the brewery now for when new beers need to be named.