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The Scenic Route Hop Water

What Is The Scenic Route?

The Scenic Route is a sparkling hop-infused water with zero alcohol, zero carbs, zero sugar, and zero calories. It’s an ideal option for anyone that loves sparkling water with a fun twist, or for hop heads looking to enjoy IPA flavors & aromas at any time of day. Embrace the journey, add sparkle to an adventure, savor The Scenic Route.

When To Enjoy The Scenic Route?

The Scenic Route is all about you doing you. Space out your drinking. Groove on the flavor of hops while biking, hiking, or working. Scratch your sober-curious itch. Design a refreshing cocktail with hoppy bubbles. Go down the path less traveled. So many ways to enjoy The Scenic Route.

What’s In The Scenic Route?

With just hops and carbonation, The Scenic Route truly allows the vibrant flavors and aromas of the hops to shine through. In our first release, the Scenic Route stars Sabro and Amarillo hops. It’s bright, crisp, and refreshing with flavors and aromas of peach and mango.

Why Hop Water?

As a business founded on principles of community and on providing a warm and welcoming environment to everyone, it’s important that we provide a space at our bar for guests to comfortably drink without drinking. The Scenic Route now joins our other zero proof offerings as one more way our patrons can feel included – no ‘beer in hand’ required! And, for us beer lovers, The Scenic Route has quickly become one of our favorite ways to quench our thirst at any time of day!