*** On September 27th, we will finally be releasing bottles of this magical elixir! 🙂 It will also be on draft. ***

For our 12th birthday, we thought we would treat ourselves to a most excellent beer… one that makes us a bit giddy to sip on… one that makes us contemplate that “The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing. ”

As such, we are delighted to introduce Annette & Nicole’s Excellent Adventure — a 9.2% ABV Manhattan Barrel-Aged Dopplebock. This most excellent sipper features flavors of bready / biscuity malt upfront, followed by notes of cherry and caramel, finishing with a pop of oaky bourbon and a lingering toffee sweetness. Aromas include light citrus, cherry, oak, bourbon, and caramel.

This beer should remind you of a Manhattan cocktail, but with a vanilla, oaky finish.

Annette & Nicole’s Excellent Adventure is one of our brand new beers for our 12th birthday celebration. It will be available on draft starting July 1st!

Party On, Dudes. And, remember, “be excellent to each other”

note – Rare Breed bottles coming later in July!