We think sour beers pair very well with the rich, comforting dishes often found in holiday meals. After all, the spritzy tartness of sours cuts through the fattiness in food, helping to refresh the palate and enhance the flavors of savory meals. This is one reason that we release our Red Party Pants (Cranberry Ginger Sour) every November. And, it is also the reason why we wanted to design a brand new seasonal sour this year! Introducing Apple Betty Party Pants – a lactose sour made with apple cider and a touch of cinnamon.

Akin to a beer champagne or a tart & mild cider, Apple Betty Party Pants (5.8% ABV) features notes of baked apples with a very gentle touch of cinnamon, finishing tart and dry. We designed this bubbly sour ale to be super drinkable and the ideal accompaniment to all kinds of holiday foods- especially turkey, pecan pie, cheese, Autumnal salads, and more! So grab one while you are preparing or eating your turkey meal, or enjoy one while watching some football. You can even pour it into a champagne glass for a bit more fun!