Beer From Here is our Pale Ale made with wet hops grown right here at Hobbs Farm, plus malt from our three closest New England malt houses: Valley Malt (MA), Maine Malt (ME), and Blue Ox Malthouse (ME). This year’s Beer From Here is an aromatic, gold-colored pale ale with flavors and aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, citrus, and pine, with a smooth bitter orange finish. If you liked our latest IPA – Keep NH Brewing – you should love this batch of Beer From Here! We are super excited for all of you to try it!

The malt and hops used in Beer From Here 2021 Edition are:
— MALT: Valley Malt Imperial Pale, Maine Malt Rye, and Blue Ox Pilsen Malt and Malted Wheat
— HOPS: Hobbs Farm (that’s us!) Centennial, Cascade, Sterling, Galena, and Chinook wet hops. Plus Cascade and Comet hops from The Hop Yard (ME).

Here are our more detailed tasting notes:
— Appearance: very beautiful gold in color (it glows!) with a slight haze.
— Aroma: pineapple, citrus, pine aroma with some fruity orange notes.
— Flavor: flavors on this beer closely resemble the citrusy, pine aroma with a notable addition of grapefruit flavors that meld into a bitter orange finish. You might also pick up some bready malt flavor.
— Body and Mouthfeel: this is a full bodied Pale Ale with a smooth mouthfeel. In fact, you might think this was an IPA!

Beer From Here is on tap now and available to go in growlers / growlettes.

Here’s what the wet hops look like! This year we used the mash tun to circulate the wort through to achieve maximum flavor!