Throwback solar pic2

Solar panels going up!

Here at Throwback Brewery, we believe strongly in renewable energy and lessening our carbon footprint. As such, we are proud to announce that we are going solar! Our barn has a large southern facing exposure that is absolutely perfect for harnessing solar energy. With our commitment to sustainability, we could not be more excited! Once completed, our solar array is going to power approximately 50% of our brewery with an estimated five year savings of almost $50,000. In addition, environmental benefits include projected CO2 savings of 78,624 lbs, SOx (Sulphur Oxide) savings of 72.58 lbs, and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) savings of 139.1o lbs. 

Our solar installation was made possible with help from the NH solar rebate, plus we were very honored to have also been awarded a USDA REAP grant. In addition, benefits such as the federal tax credit, renewable energy credits, and bonus depreciation made this project well worth the investment. So even if you might not be like us (a small business striving to be as environment conscious as possible), you might just crunch the numbers and decide solar could be for you, too!

Before we embarked on this project, I had no idea how solar energy worked. The process is fairly simple. Solar Panels consist of photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits these cells, it creates DC electricity. An inverter then coverts the DC into AC power to be used in our brewery. So part of the solar install is not just the panels, but the inverters as well. ReVision Energy is doing all the install work for us. They are even going to place an iPad near the pub door showing real time production and cumulative benefits. Being a brewery consisting mostly of geeks, we are pretty excited about this!

Looking forward, if you show up in the May timeframe or beyond, you will be able to tell your friends that your beers are made with the help of the sun. Cheers!

Throwback Solar Pic

Thanks, Revision Energy for your work on our project!