Over two years ago, we made a 7.5% ABV Tropical Stout that we lagered and then finished with coconut. We then siphoned off some of it into a Brown Sugar Rum barrel and let is sit for a few years. The result? Pure magic, we think! Here are our tasting notes:

Boozy, sweet dark caramel rum aroma and flavors, with notes of mild coconut, dark chocolate, raisin, oak, and caramelized brown sugar. This beautiful sipper leaves a tingly, tangy warmth that makes us smile!  

Appearance– Mahogany black in color

Aroma-  sweet dark berry, chocolate, and mild vanilla coconut

Flavor –  dark chocolate, oak, raisins, and caramelized brown sugar, with a boozy rum finish

Body –  The body on the base beer started out fairly light for a stout, and barrels tend to lighten the body of a beer even more. So, we were absolutely delighted to taste the final product, which features a very smooth, full mouthfeel.