Sometimes we make a beer and it’s so good we want to drink it ALL ourselves. Such is the case with Circle of Strangers – our latest Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout. This ridiculously smooth and luxurious 11.1% ABV Imperial Stout features flavors and aromas of port wine, dark chocolate, and tangy dark fruit jam, with some mild notes of oak and rum.  There is the slightest hint of coconut on the finish, especially as the beer warms up. The body on this beer is rich and full, coating the tongue with smile-inducing boozy warmth. Trust us when we say, “you won’t want to miss this one!”

Here are a few more tasting notes:

Appearance – jet black with a dark caramel

Aroma – port wine, red grapes, dark chocolate, roast

Flavor – flavors are very similar to the aroma, with the additional of notes of oak and very mild rum and coconut. Note- unless you have an exceptional palate, you might not guess that the barrel we used to age this beer was a Coconut Rum barrel. The barrel mostly served to enhance and bring out the underlying dark fruit and chocolate notes of this beer.

Mouthfeel – Rich and luxurious

Circle of Strangers

Trust Use- You Don’t Want To Miss This One!