Conan the Librarian is a smooth, malt-forward, copper-colored Vienna Lager featuring flavors and aromas of toasted bread and caramel malt — mastering the balance between notes of sweet honey and mildly spicy hops. With a medium body and crisp mouthfeel, Conan the Librarian is an elegant brew that drinks clean and fairly dry, with a rich, toasty, caramel malt finish, balanced by a refined hop bitterness.

The name Conan the Librarian is a nod to one of our favorite barbarian’s, who, like this beer, has Austrian roots!

If you are wondering what commercial beer is most equivalent to this, it would be Sam Adams Boston Lager (as that is a traditional Vienna lager). Throwback fans who like our Oma’s Tribute Black lager should also tend to like this brew, which drinks as smooth and clean as Oma’s, but with a less roasty and more sweet malt profile.

We are excited for everyone to give this beer a try, and even more excited to turn some folks onto a very underrated style of beer that we are all very much enjoying here!

We will be releasing Conan The Librarian on Saturday, July 1st for our 12th birthday celebration!