Donkey-hote is a**-kicking good! :)

Donkey-hote is a**-kicking good! ūüôā

Several months ago, we released a double IPA called Dr. Evil.  We knew there were a lot of hop heads out there, but we were still surprised at how fast this beer went, and how much you guys really, really liked it!
Based upon your feedback, we decided to brew this beer again (and soon, again and again ;)).  While making this decision, we also decided to rename the beer.  While we definitely had a #millionsofdollars of fun with the name Dr. Evil (said #pinkytolip), we felt we needed to change it up given this beer will be brewed (and now bottled!) on a more regular basis.
Well we have a new name for our double IPA, and it is Donkey-hote. ¬†Those of you familiar with the chivalrous man from La Mancha will note that Jericho (the donkey from Hobbs Farm) is playing¬†Don Quixote, complete with our ‘ferocious’ windmill in the background. ¬†Those of you not familiar with this book will hopefully think Jericho looks pretty cute dressed up as a knight!
Now a little more info on the beer. ¬†It is brewed to style for a double IPA, but unlike many of the IPAs which use the newer West coast hops, we use ‘old school’ hops in it. ¬†The beer has a nice golden color and tastes slightly sweet, which balances the abundance of hops (106 IBUs!) ¬†Donkey-hote clocks in at¬†8.2% A.B.V, so it is more of a sipper than a guzzler. ¬†We will have this beer on tap at the brewery this coming Thursday, October 25th. ¬†It will be available in bottles once we get all the labels approved.
Special thanks to Jon from Black Trumpet for the Don Quixote idea, and for Nate Walker for making such fun art that we feel lucky enough to dress our bottles in.
Finally, for those of you not familiar with Jericho, here is a short video of him eating a pear (it is pretty darn cute!)  We think Nate did a great job capturing his likeness!