We have some good news and some bad news.  First the bad news.  We ran out of growlers. 🙁 Yes, we know, stinky news for folks that didn’t get a growler right away.  We obviously did not want to run out, but we thought that a whole palette of growlers would last us longer than 1 week.  I guess the sexiness of the growler was too much for many to resist, and we find ourselves growler-less.  The other unfortunate fact is that the growlers are back ordered for several months. But, do not fear if you are not the proud owner of a Throwback growler– here is the good news…. drumroll please…
1- Our labels are being printed later this week!  Yea!  What this means is that our 22-oz bottles should start appearing beginning this weekend!  We will first bottle Dippity Do and Hog Happy Hef.  Next week we will start bottling the Maple-Kissed Wheat Porter.  If you come to the brewery and you don’t own a Throwback Brewery growler to fill, you can take home bottles instead.  You should also see our bottles rolling out to select package stores at around the same time.
2- We have a new, smaller growler coming in time for the tasting hours on Thursday, September 8th!  These new growlers are very cute 32 oz flip-tops (approx. 1/2 the size of our original growler), so we decided to give them a name – “growlettes”.   We love these new bottles.  They are slim enough so that you can fit several into your fridge without requiring displacement of core food items (although we think beer is a core food item 🙂 ). Given their size, the growlettes will allow you to more easily bring home multiple varieties of beer at a time.  And, finally, for folks intimated about buying 4+ pints of beer at a time, the growlette seems much more manageable at 2 pints.
The cost to fill the growlette will be ½ the cost of filling a growler.  Here is a generic mock-up of what the growlette will look like:

Throwback Brewery Growlette

Growlettes are sexy, too!

3- Our growler supplier didn’t send us enough flip tops for our original growlers, so we still have about 4-6 growlers that are good to go once we get the tops.  Hopefully we can sell those to interested customers very shortly!
4- I guess the last bit of good news is that you guys seem to like our beer, which makes us super happy!  Thanks so much to everyone for the amazing support and the great feedback.  Although the growlers are gone for now, we will continue to make fresh, local, and yummy beer and fill as many Throwback bottles, growlers, kegs, and growlettes as we can!