Desperately seeking growlettes!

The good news is that we’ve been filling a lot of growlers/growlettes for take out! The bad news is that our stock is now low, and our glass provider won’t be able to get us our new shipment until the end of April. So, if you guys have extra Throwback-branded growlers or growlettes that you don’t plan on using, we will take them back! Here’s are the various options that can be used for returning growlers and growlettes:

1- When you call us to place your order, let us know that you plan on returning growlers. For each 32oz growlette you turn back in, we will give you $5 off your order for each. For every 2L growler you return (these are the genie looking bottles with a handle), we will give you $12 off your order for each. We will then clean and sanitize these growlers and get them back into circulation for other beer lovers!

2- If you aren’t placing an order and would like cash instead, please call us when you arrive at Throwback — during our open hours — at 603 379 2317 x1 or x3. We will then tell you how our contactless trade of growlers for cash works.

3- Some people are just returning their growlettes and growlers, without asking for cash or credit. Thank you guys so much! If you want to do that, simply leave your empties on a table in our beer garden. We will send love and good karma your way!

We appreciate the help,
— Nicole & Annette