Throwback Logo Horizontal_FullColor_ whiteAfter what seems like eons thinking about it and planning, our quest to start a brewery is now very real!
One of the major goals of Throwback Brewery is to celebrate what we hold most dear. We intend to celebrate our farms. Celebrate our seasons. Celebrate our friends. Celebrate our love for craft beer. We plan to do this in a thoughtful way, brewing great beer with great ingredients from New England, especially New Hampshire.
We moved into our warehouse space in November and spent several weeks cleaning and painting the place. The difference between now and when we moved in is night and day!
Other tasks have been getting the brewery tanks in place, building the fermentation “barn”, ordering the rest of the equipment and submitting the TTB application (part of process to get federal brewer’s license).
We have a busy few months ahead of us to sort out a lot of the other details and to get ready for our grand opening.
This blog will keep you updated on the good, the bad, and the crazy parts of the ride we’re on as we launch Throwback Brewery!