The many styles of Throwback Beer

Something we learned pretty quickly is that the top thing most people want to know (after we tell them we are starting a brewery) is “what kind of beer will you make?”  Basically, people want to know our style.
At Throwback, we strive to make high quality beers from local ingredients, with the goal that people really love drinking these beers as much as we do!  What this means is that we aren’t sticking to a particular style of beer (e.g., just stouts, or just lagers, or just IPAs).  We intend to brew a range of beers styles using the freshest of local ingredients.  For example, we are refining our recipe for a Maple Wheat Porter, where the wheat comes from Brookford Farm in (Rollinsford) New Hampshire, is malted in Massachusetts (more on this later), and the maple syrup comes from a local NH farm.  Our focus on local grain and local malting is really quite unique in our region.  It is our vision, after all, is to create great quality, fresh beer that is sourced 100% from local ingredients and enjoyed in the local New England area.
So while we might not stick to a particular style, we do have a niche that we are passionate about, and we think that others will be, too.   But, in the case that eating or drinking local isn’t really your “thing”, we are ok with that, too.  After all, we bet you will still love our beer.. or least one of our beer styles 🙂