Keep It Currant is a 7.2% ABV Belgian-Style Stout* brewed with black and red currants, some of which are from our very own Hobbs Farm!

Keep It Currant is a super smooth sipper with flavors and aromas of sweet coffee, dark chocolate, toasted brown bread, and berry jam. There are also hints of mild tobacco and subtle clove. This beer finishes dry, with a dark fruit tang (plum, cherries, black currants, prunes) that will lovingly linger on your palate.

We offered a sneak preview of this beer at our Chocolate, Cheese, and Beer dinner late last month, and the feedback was great! We can’t wait for you guys to try it!

*The major difference between Belgian-Style Stouts and American-Style stouts comes down to the yeast. Belgian yeasts tend to be more expressive and often produce relatively fruity or spicy esters, as opposed to the relatively clean American ale yeast.

Here are some more detailed tasting notes:

Appearance– black in appearance with mahogany undertones. The thick head is a light coffee color.

Aroma-  brown bread, sweet coffee, dark chocolate, and dark fruits (raisins/ plum)

Flavor – coffee, chocolate, roasty toasty brown bread, and mild tobacco from the malts. The currants and the yeast used in this beer contribute a lovely array of dark fruit flavors – prunes, black currant, cherry, and plum – that you will pick up as the beer finishes.

Body –  super smooth, dry

Pairing – chocolate cake, burgers, crullers, prime rib

Keep It Currant- The Third Beer in our 2022 Unafraid of the Dark series.