Love For All is a bright purple Sour Blonde Ale made with Plum, Sumac, and Butterfly Pea Tea, and it is the first beer available in our A Can of Kindness beer series! 50 percent of profits from the can sales of this beer and $1 from every full pour here at our pub will go to benefit Seacoast Outright! Come grab one and help to spread a little kindness, one can at a time!

Here are a few tasting notes:

– Appearance: This beer sports a lovely violet color, and a bright white head that dissipates quickly.

– Aroma:  This beers smells tart and slightly earthy, with an underlying plum aroma that becomes more pronounced as the beer warms up.

– Taste & Mouthfeel:  Take a sip and you will get a pop of tartness – the lemony brightness coming from the sumac and a bit of earthiness from the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. Taking a sip should evoke a sensation of biting into a perfectly ripe plum – that zing of tartness, underscored by a subtle sweetness. Love For All drinks nice and light and effervescent, and will leave a lingering tanginess on your palate.

– Serving glass:  Tulip.

– Stats – 5.0% ABV  and  0 IBU.

This beer is available starting June 22, 2019.