The 2024 version of Love For All Sour Ale is made with Blackberry & Hibiscus. It features a tart jam aroma and flavors of fresh dark berries with a lingering fruit tang / “cheek squeezing” tartness. Wait until you see this beauty – Love For All 2024 is a gorgeous dark pinkish / purple-ish red color, making it as lovely to look at as to drink!


The 2023 version of Love For All is crafted with Marionberry, Sumac, and Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, resulting in a beer with a gorgeous deep fuchsia /pinkish purple color, a bright and jammy flavor profile (think blackberry/raspberry), finishing with a touch of earthiness and a lingering tang. It’s the perfect blend of tart and sweet, and we are loving the dark berry aroma, too!

We will also be pouring this beer at the Throwback beer tent at Portsmouth Pride, coming up on June 24th. Hope to see you here – or there! Cheers!


Love For All is a bright purple Sour Blonde Ale made with Plum, Sumac, and Butterfly Pea Flower powder. It’s tart and earthy with a mild fruitiness from the plums and a lingering citrus tang from the sumac.

Here are a few tasting notes:

– Appearance: This beer sports a lovely violet color, and a bright white head that dissipates quickly.

– Aroma:  This beers smells tart and slightly earthy, with an underlying plum aroma that becomes more pronounced as the beer warms up.

– Taste & Mouthfeel:  Take a sip and you will get a pop of tartness – the lemony brightness coming from the sumac and a bit of earthiness from the Butterfly Pea Flower powder. Taking a sip should evoke a sensation of biting into a perfectly ripe plum – that zing of tartness, underscored by a subtle sweetness. Love For All drinks nice and light and effervescent, and will leave a lingering tanginess on your palate.

– Serving glass:  Tulip.

– Stats – 5.0% ABV  and  0 IBU.


Love For All

Cheers to Love For All!