We’re excited to share that we now have our own farm-raised pork available for sale right here at our farm stand! Over the summer, we lovingly raised our heritage Yorkshire-mix pigs on pasture, feeding them all-natural grain. Day in and day out, they rewarded us by tilling up and fertilizing our soil, as well as recycling our many fresh kitchen scraps that result from us preparing your food. Now their journey is complete, and are we honoring our lovely piggies by offering cuts from snout to tail.

Cuts available right now at our farm stand include pork chops, country style ribs, regular ribs, and ground pork, as well as two types of sausage – basil or apple. If you are looking for more cuts, such as roasts, fat back, leaf lard, hocks, and trotters, or wish to pay with a credit card, please call (603) 379-2317 x1 to place an order. Prices vary by cut and weight.

You are also welcome to purchase by visiting us during our open business hours and seeing one of our hosts.

Here’s a complete list. Prices are approximate and will vary by weight of each product and package.

– Half Shoulder $37.50
– Pork Chops $18.00
– Sausage Links: French Apple $12.50
– Sausage Links: Basil $12.50
– Back Fat $12.00
– Leaf Lard $8.00
– Loin End Roast $50.00
– Hocks $24.50
– Trotters $12.25
– Ground Pork $9.00
– Country-Style Ribs $13.50
– Regular-Style Ribs $13.50

As this is the first time we are offering pork at our farm stand, we expect it to move pretty quickly. So be sure to give us a call soon to ensure availability. Cheers!