Over the past several years, there has been significant innovations around brewing hoppy beer like New England IPAs, inclusive of new brewing techniques, brand new hops, and a new type of Thiolized yeast. As nerds that love innovation and pushing ourselves to output the best beer possible, we’ve been utilizing all of these innovations, and we’ve been very pleased with the results! We’d love you all to come by and try some of these new beers and let us know what you think! First up, and being released on August 24th as part of our Day of Hoppiness, is a beer called Ninja of the North.

Ninja of the North (New England IPA – 7.2% ABV) is our very first ‘zero’ IBU IPA (with all hops added into the whirlpool and secondary), this super tropical hazy IPA tastes like peaches and strawberry bubblegum with loads of berry and candied stonefruit flavors. This gold-colored IPA drinks super soft with a balanced sweetness reminiscent of fruity candy (think gummy peach rings, Starburst, and candied red skittles). Designed by our Head Brewer Annette (a.k.a The Ninja), Ninja of the North utilizes Belma hops plus HBC 586 hops, a relatively new and in demand hop from the Yakima Chief’s hop breeding program. We also used the revolutionary Cosmic Punch thiolized yeast, doubling down on the tropical flavors and aromas.

To borrow from the Omega Yeast site, “Thiols are highly impactful aromatic compounds that can evoke intense tropical, citrus character reminiscent of juicy passion fruit, pink guava, and freshly zested grapefruit peel.” When Omega refers to Thiolized Yeast, they are talking about their yeast strains that can “biotransform the thiol precursors found in malt, hops, and grape-derived products into free thiols. Brewers can unleash these previously inaccessible tropical aromas into their beers simply by switching to a Thiolized yeast strain.”

Ninja of the North (according to our very own Ninja Annette) drinks like ‘soft, fluffy clouds’, making her declare this beer to be ‘my kind of IPA’. We think this beer is tasty enough that many of you will also be declaring it your type of IPA :)!