Today we will be serving up a new beer at the brewery called Nosie’s Oatmeal Stout.  The beer is a more traditional style Oatmeal stout, made with toasted Oatmeal and a British Ale yeast.  The British yeast gives the beer some nice fruity esters, so it is tastes very different from our Stout #3.  Please stop by, give it a try, and let us know what you think!
This beer is somewhat nostalgic for us, as it is the first beer that Annette and I ever homebrewed together (about 10+ years ago.)  We named the beer after Cyrano Lee (picture above), who was also know as Nosie for his rather large nose and his predilection for being very, very nosy.  One day many years ago, Cyrano decided to eat an Oatmeal bath mix of one of Annette’s roommates.  He must have rather enjoyed the taste, since he joyfully ground the bath mix into the carpet, where it remained for several weeks despite several focused attempts at cleaning the mess.  We decided to name the beer after Nosie and his love for oatmeal!
Nosie had no regrets about eating the oatmeal bath, or in fact anything else mischievous he got into.  He loved to eat, loved to play, and loved to love.  Here is hoping that each of you spends your holiday a little bit like Nosie lived- surrounded by good friends, good food, and good fun!