The extended team digging in

The team hard at work testing out our menu

Annette & I feel very lucky that our team at Throwback is good at so many things. There might be one thing, however, that the team excels at more than anything else, and, that is eating! So when it came time to do our first tasting of the menu (for Hobbs Farm), the whole team and their better halves jumped at the opportunity.
As a result, this past Thursday night, starting as the sun was setting and continuing into the night, our team tasted and critiqued and enjoyed. For me, the night captured exactly what we are trying to do at Throwback – bring people together to enjoy great beer, great food, and great company.
So what can you expect on our menu? Well, it has been quite hard to narrow down what we want to serve when there are so many things that we love to eat! But, as with our beer, you can expect our food to celebrate the work of the wonderful farmers around here and to adhere to our vision of trying to source everything from within 200 miles. And, ideally, as we get going and planting some acreage, the majority of the raw ingredients for our menu will come right from the Seacoast and our farm.
While we are still tweaking and refining the menu, I thought folks might be interested in seeing a few items that we are more likely than not going to be serving when we open. Oh, and please ignore, if you will, the weird serving sizes, containers, and plating in the pictures below. 🙂
First up, was one of our team’s favorite – a three onion dip served with house-made potato chips. I could have eaten that whole big container you see in the picture below, but I managed to restrain myself because I knew what was coming!
chips and dip 800

3 onion dip with house-made chips does not suck

Also a crowd favorite was the potted cheese, corn crackers, and a cherry rhubarb wit jam. The potted cheese is reminiscent of pimento cheese. It’s a bit sharp, very smooth, and plays so well off the light sweetness in the crackers and beer jam.
Potted Cheese, please!

This was so good that I couldn’t even grab a picture before the vultures dug in to it…

Here’s the last quick peak at what might be on the menu – veggies three ways and dip three ways. In the upper right-hand corner of the picture is fried zucchini (completely yummy!). There are also pickled carrots (another team favorite) and a few assorted garden fresh veggies. And the dips – oh the dips – a lemony hummus, a heavenly carrot concoction, and then the tangy and slightly sweet muhamara (a middle eastern red pepper dip.)
Veg and dip 3 ways

We like our veg like we like our friends – fresh, pickled, and fried 🙂

So what do you think from this sneak peak? While the dishes above are mostly snacks and for sharing, we also plan to do offer some ‘mains’ on the menu – think loaded italian sausage patty, spicy house-made veggie patty, and more!
At this point, some of you may be asking, ‘who is the chef behind these creations’? Well, stay tuned for an announcement there. We are beyond thrilled to have landed someone so talented, so in tune with our vision, and so fitting in with the rest of our crew and our culture.
Until then – cheers!