Sometimes we walk into the barn, and it seems like not much is going on. Other times (like today) there is so much going on it is super exciting to see! Today, we saw some big progress on the flooring and the overhead doors. Here are some photos:
First up, the overhead doors. Here is a snapshot from inside the Tap Room looking into the beer garden. This overhead door opens up, so we should get some really nice breeze and airflow during the warmer months.
view from inside to the outside
Here’s the view from outside in. The door on the very right is where you would enter in. The very left is the exit.
view of tap room from the outside
In the Tap Room, we are using reclaimed wood from the original barn floor. It’s being laid out today. Soon, it will be planed and varnished.
reclaimed wood in the tasting room
In the kitchen and in the brew house, we are putting down a combination urethane / concrete mix that will be easy to wash and can deal with heat and other abrasive materials sometimes used in the cleaning process. Here is the kitchen:
first layer of concrete urethane in the kitchen
Here is one of my favorite views – from the mezzanine into the brew house. The concrete floor will eventually be orange!
start of concrete floor in the brewery from the mezzanine
That’s all for tonight. Cheers!