Our Playlist beer series features the same base IPA recipe (oats, 2-Row and Pilsen malt from Valley Malt, plus honey malt). But, every time we make a batch, we switch up either the yeast OR the hops. You guys loved Playlist 05:01 so much that we decided to brew it again! As with 05:01, Playlist 05:02 is a slightly hazy, easy drinking IPA with plenty of bright lemony notes and a slight hop bitterness. We are calling it a ‘proto’ New England IPA – i.e., a throwback to when New England IPAs were slightly hazy, full of aromatic citrus notes, and medium-bodied (not heavy or yeasty). Mosiac, Citra, Simcoe and Crosby Farms experimental No 1 hops contribute flavors and aromas of stone fruit, lemon pith, and pine.

Playlist 05:02 is the first Playlist that we will be canning! Cans will drop on Sunday, August 25th, 2019.