Introducing our Playlist Beer Series
We love music here at the brewery (almost) as much as we love beer. So we decided to mix things up with a new IPA beer series called Playlist – perfect for sipping while spinning some tunes. Each beer in the series will feature a variation on a theme – using the same base IPA recipe (which includes oats, 2-Row, and Pilsen malt – all from Valley Malt, plus honey malt) then, just like when making good music, we’ll switch things up to keep it fresh every time we brew. One batch we will vary the hops, and the next batch we will change up the yeast.

Wondering about the naming scheme? Every time we brew a unique batch with new hops or new yeast, we increment the first two digits. i.e., Playlist 01:01, Playlist 02:01, Playlist 03:01, Playlist 04:01, Playlist 05:01, etc. When customers LOVE a batch, we will brew it again and increment the last two digits. That is how we got to Playlist 05:02, which is also the first Playlist we are canning!