Throwback Brewery's Rhubarb Wit

Rhubarb Wit (in a new Throwback pint glass)!

Although the weather sure isn’t behaving, it is definitely time for more summery beers. So when I got back to the brewery last night from a nice bike ride, I was delighted to see that Annette had put a fresh batch of Rhubarb Wit on tap.  Since part of my role is ‘quality control’ 😀 , it made sense for me to try a small glass.. which quickly led to another… which quickly led to me filling a growlette to bring home for dinner!  Yum!
The foundation of this beer is a traditional Belgian White or Wit, made with belgian ale yeast, orange peel, oats, NH wheat, and chamomile and coriander from Annette’s garden.  We then threw in 60 lbs of rhubarb (coming from Annette’s garden in Rye and Pat Carrier’s garden in Enfield, NH.)
The result is a really drinkable, summery beer with very pleasant, citrusy / lemon flavors that come through at the end.  Although rhubarb tends to be very sour, this beer is more zesty than sour – you only get a tiny bit of the sourness, and it not enough to make you pucker.  Since this beer contains wheat, it has a nice hazy yellow color.  This beer clocks in at 5% A.B.V and 15 IBU (i.e., not a bitter beer).
The Rhubarb Wit would pair best with seafood, cheese (especially goat cheese), salads and egg dishes like frittatas. (Although I drank it alongside some pasta last night, and really enjoyed it!)  I also think it pairs well with chocolate (but what doesn’t 🙂 ).  If you have access to fresh strawberries, I would recommend putting one on the top of the glass, the sweetness and fruitiness of the fresh berry really complements the slightly sour and citrusy notes from the wit.
This beer is on tap now for growler hours.  Hope you can come by and give it a try!