Amber Drinking Throwback's Amber's Amber

Amber getting her first drink of Amber’s Amber at The Music Hall (where she also moderated the panel following the Love of Beer movie.)

Last week, we subtly rolled out a new beer called Amber’s Amber – which is a Rye Pale Ale. We unveiled it at the Music Hall during the East Coast premier of the Love of Beer movie, and we had it on tap Saturday at the brewery as well.
For those of you that didn’t get to hear the story of how Amber’s Amber came into being, let me quickly fill you in and then describe the beer a bit.
This past August, local beer bloggers from 2Beerguys (Sean, Ryan, Amber, and Jennifer Jansen) and Seacoast Beverage Lab (Brian) attended a beer blogging conference in Portland, Oregon.  As part of that experience, they visited a nearby hop farm, where they have the distinct pleasure of breathing in all of the wonderful, flowery / citrusy aromas.  And, better yet, they were able to take home some bags of the Amarillo hops!
Shortly after they came home, Sean & Amber came by and gifted us these hops.  Annette and I felt very lucky, but also very touched that they thought to give them to us!
Fast forward 6 or so months, and Annette finally got a bit of breathing room to pull the hops out and make something yummy with them!  We knew we were going to use them in an amber-colored beer (as a way of saying thanks to the 2beerguys and the lovely Amber Jansen.) Also, since rye grows so well in this region, we decided add rye to the beer to give it some spiciness.  About 20% of the grain bill is malted rye.  For the beer nerds out there, Amber’s Amber clocks in at 5.2% ABV, 35 IBU.  It is dry hopped with amarillo and cascade hops.
The result is a nicely hopped up, beautiful amber-colored beer.  We think is tastes like love and friendship.  But, of course, you will have to let us know what you think!