For our 11th birthday this year, we decided to release a few new beers, including one inspired by picnics and sunny weather. The beer is called Strawberry Rhubarb Party Pants, and it features a tart strawberry aroma with flavors of delicate, fresh strawberry rhubarb jam. This super refreshing sour ale is made with local rhubarb, and it lands more on the sweet tart side of the sour spectrum (rather than “cheek squeezing” sourness side of the spectrum! :). This beer is blonde in color with pinkish undertones and a bright white head that dissipates fairly quickly.

We designed Strawberry Rhubarb Party Pants to be a perfect picnic beer, although it also works quite well as a beach beer, a post yoga or hike beer, hanging out in the yard with your best friend beer, etc etc 😁. We can’t wait for you guys to try it! (note- release date is Saturday, July 2nd!)

Brew Dog Barry White is protecting his Strawberry Rhubarb Party Pants

This picnic beer is best enjoyed outside with your best friends!