This week we released Tart ‘N Feathered – the third beer in our 2017 Hoppin’ Summer Series! It’s a Belgian-Style Tart Pale Ale with a delightfully fruity and floral nose and a big punch of fruit (peach & citrus) from the hops. This beer drinks super soft with minimal bitterness and finishes with just a touch of tartness. We foresee ourselves drinking a lot of this beer, so come on by and try it before we drink it all! 🙂

Here are our tasting notes:
Appearance: This is a fairly hazy beer that is reddish gold in color with an ivory white head.
Aroma: Ah, we love how this beer smells! We get peach, mango, and citrus.
Taste & Mouthfeel: This is the kind of beer where what you smell is pretty much what you taste – a big punch of fruit, which comes, in part, from the Liberty and Citra hops. The addition of Sorachi Ace hops, gives the beer a slightly herbal finish. Finally, the use of a belgian-style yeast called Trois gives this beer a very light tartness that dances on your tongue, as well as contributing some of the mango and pineapple notes. This is a medium-bodied beer.
Pairing: Go to your garden or the farmers’ market, make a salad, and then wash it down with Tart n’ Feathered! This beer would also go fabulously with a Caprese salad, our Fried Egg BLT (with heirloom tomatoes), the hand pies on our menu, and more!
Serving glass: At the brewery, we will be serving this in a 16-oz tulip glass.
Stats – ABV 5.7% and 23.5 IBU.

Tart ‘n Feathered is on tap starting now until it is gone!

What other beers can you expect in the Hoppin’ Summer Series II?

Here is what we are planning / have brewed:
JuneCashmere Track Suit has come and gone – to rave reviews! We got the message- don’t worry – this one will come back again. Look for it sometime early Fall
 July – Kelly Likes Hops has come and gone as well! Thank you for all the great feedback on this beer!
September – a dry-hopped sumac sour. It will be hard to wait until September for this one

Tart 'N Feathered - Chicken Approved

Tart ‘N Feathered – Chicken Approved