March kicks off a new educational speaker series here at Throwback Brewery that we’ve titled The Learned Pint. This series will feature a trio of topics we wanted to learn more about, so we thought you might be interested, too!
Sessions will kick off around 6pm on three Wednesdays this spring. All are welcome and there is no cost, we just ask that you RSVP through our Eventbrite page so we know how many of you to expect.

Wednesday, March 21st, 6pm – Let’s Talk Fish with Gabriella Bradt, PhD, UNH.

This session will take a look at what’s happening in today’s New Hampshire fisheries and the future of this historic industry. As a farm to table restaurant with a passion for supporting local industries, we feel that sustainable practices and support of our native fishermen and women is vital to their survival. Gabby is passionate about speaking about local seafood and the state of our local fisheries and what we as NH residents can/should do to keep our fishing heritage alive and our fish in 0ur local seafood markets. Sign up here!

About the speaker: Bradt, a mother of three, is a fisheries specialist with the University of New Hampshire and Sea Grant New Hampshire. Bradt received her bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College and her master’s degree from Bryn Mawr College before pursuing a doctorate in marine biology. She received her PhD in zoology from UNH and has been a part of the UNH community since 1999, first as a graduate student, then as adjunct faculty, and now as a fisheries specialist. A native of Honduras, Bradt moved to the United States in the third grade. She grew up spending summers in Maine, where her love for “all things marine” was cultivated and set her on her path to fisheries and natural resources work. Bradt has been working closely with fishermen and local organizations to tackle issues related to the New Hampshire commercial fishing industry. A primary role is to help connect fishermen and consumers in a variety of ways, including how fishermen can market their products locally and how to communicate information about the N.H. Fresh and Local Seafood brand.

Wednesday, April 4th, 6:30pm – Greenhouse Growing for the Home Gardener with Jerry Knirk.

Have you ever thought about having a greenhouse?  Jerry will discuss basics of design and demonstrate the relatively simple construction of his current double-wall polyethylene greenhouse.  Management of temperature, irrigation, pests and other unique problems of greenhouse growing will be illustrated. With five years of greenhouse growing experience, he has had plenty of time to make mistakes and solve problems! Jerry is happy to share this accumulated knowledge so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a greenhouse. Sign up here!
About the speaker: After 23 years as an Orthopedic Surgeon down in Massachusetts, and 9 years as a non-operative spine physician in  Conway, Knirk currently calls Freedom, NH home, where he lives with his wife Cam Spence. A life long passion for gardening led him to greenhouse growing. Not one to be idle, Knirk serves in the House of Representatives for Carroll County when not out cultivating plants. One of his sons, Colin Knirk, just so happens to be a brewer here – and shares his dad’s love of gardening, as well!  And his dad shares Colin’s love of beer.

FULL! Wednesday, April 18th, 6:30pm – The Space Between: The Art and Science of Mindfulness with Hannah C. Mariotti, M.A., LCMHC.

Join us for this interactive workshop where we explore the power of mindfulness.  The ability to immerse oneself completely in the present, even for as short a time as 5-10 minutes, has an incredibly calming and restorative effect.  In fact, there is research showing that regularly practicing mindfulness can actually change the structure of the brain. We’ll be exploring activities such as mindful breathing or mindful listening that strengthen the neural pathways in the part of our brain that helps us think logically and control our emotions and behavior (the prefrontal cortex).  Stronger connections in this part of our brain help us develop the habit of focusing on the breath in the face of stress or anxiety.  This enables us to respond thoughtfully to stressful situations instead of reacting impulsively, as we all have a tendency to do. Sign up here!

About the speaker: With almost 20 years experience in the education and mental health care fields, Hannah has held positions as a private practice clinician, health services director, college professor, coach, wilderness trip leader, and school counselor in programs in New Jersey, New York, Colorado, New Hampshire and Hawaii.  She emphasizes a resiliency model and positive psychological approach to provide support to families and schools. Her specialized training includes coaching, adoption issues, attachment, learning issues, neuropsychology and trauma.  An avid runner, triathlete and reader, Hannah is always in search of a new challenge on land, sea or the bookshelf!  Lessons in humility and humanity are continually delivered by her children.