We love making beer with rhubarb. In fact, for many years here at Throwback, we brewed a Rhubarb Wit that drank like a classic Belgian White with a full body, but finished with a fun tart tang. This year, as we were looking at all the beautiful rhubarb we grew here on the farm (plus the rhubarb donated to us from neighbors), we decided to take a different spin on our classic rhubarb wit. We wanted to make something as fun and tangy, but with a lighter, more crisp body, and a lower ABV. We aimed to craft a beer that would be perfect after a long hike, or while mowing the lawn, or during a long labor weekend of having beer with friends.

We think we hit the mark with this one! It’s called the Wit’s Hit The Fan, and it is a very light, crisp, effervescent Belgian-Style Wit made with local rhubarb. This beer features aromas of sweet biscuit and bready malt, underscored by fresh, tart, citrusy notes. This is one clean, easy drinking beer that finishes with a refreshing rhubarb tang. At 2.8% ABV, this beer is packaged under our “Working” From Home series of session-able (3% ABV or less) beers.

Here are our more detailed tasting notes:

Appearance: very pretty, light straw color with a yellow glow and just a very slight haze. The head is light white with delicate lacing.
Aroma: the aroma opens up with a nice peach / apricot that then finishes with a bready, biscuity citrus rhubarb note. It smells very fresh and citrusy.
Flavor: this is a very clean, crisp beer that finishes with subtle notes of rhubarb.
Body and Mouthfeel: the body is surprisingly full for a beer with such a low ABV, due in part to the wheat used in the brewing process.

The Wit Hit’s The Fan is available on draft and in cans starting September 1st!