We are super excited to announce a brand new beer series! The series is called “Working” From Home, and it’s focused on truly sessionable beers designed with an ABV of 3% or less. We anticipate these beers to pair well with conference calls, sweat pants, and homeschooling! 😊  Look for the first two beers in this series – I Was On Mute (2.6% ABV) and Reply All?! (0.92% ABV) to be available starting Saturday, March 13th.

Why Session Beers?
As huge lovers of beer, we often find ourselves wanting to grab a pint to pair with a meal or to sip on while talking with friends. We also find plenty of scenarios where we want to enjoy the full flavor, hoppy bite, or crispness of a beer, but we just don’t want to consume a lot of alcohol.

So, we decided to challenge our brewers to make a series of beers that are very low in alcohol, but high in flavor…. beers we are excited to reach for and drink. Beers that allow us to day drink without sacrificing productivity. Beers that still taste like beer and that we can enjoy without missing the extra alcohol.

So, next time you want to grab a beer with lunch (without needing to take a nap afterwards), or a few beers with the team before heading home, or, beer to drink all afternoon while floating down a river, playing a softball game, or watching a football game mid-day — check out our “Working” From Home beer series.

Tell Me About The Two New Beers!
We are launching this series with two different beers – both on the hoppy side, but we plan to experiment and add additional beers over the course of the year. Here’s whats up first:

I Was On Mute is our aromatic, easy drinking 2.6% ABV Hoppy Pale Session Ale. I Was On Mute features flavors and aromas of stone fruit and mild strawberry, underscored by a hoppy dankness. 100 calories per pint, 75 calories per 12 oz

Reply All?! is our Hoppy Extra Session Ale. At 0.92%, Reply All?! is bordering on being classified as a Non-Alcoholic beer, yet offers aromas and flavors of a full alcohol pale ale – sweet apricot and citrus, ending with an IPA-like dank bitterness. 90 calories per pint, 67.5 calories per 12 oz. *Contains lactose.