Oma’s Tribute is a light-bodied black lager (also known as a schwarzbier) with a refreshingly clean, smooth, and roasty taste. It’s our “go to” when we are craving a beer with a lighter body that also delivers on depth of flavor with roasty notes of chocolate & coffee typically found in heavier beers like stouts and porters. Oma’s Tribute is black in color with a smooth and easy mouthfeel and little hop bitterness — the perfect beer for anytime of year!

We like to say “don’t judge a beer by its color”, and this is especially true with Oma’s Tribute. If you don’t think you are a fan of darker beer, we encourage you come in and take the ‘Oma Test’… Close your eyes, take a nice sip of Oma’s, and we bet that you will be blown away by how crisp, clean, and light the mouthfeel is! If you have a friend that you want to ‘convert’ into more of a darker beer lover, then this is a great first beer to try.

Oma’s Tribute was originally brewed as a “one-off” to honor Annette’s Grandma. People loved it so much that we now brew it all year long. You can read Annette’s tribute to her Grandma here.