Oma Rockin' it

Grandma Reese – Rockin’ It

Since this is the start of Portsmouth Beer week, we thought we would celebrate by rolling out a new beer or two.  The first beer is called Oma’s Tribute, and it is a schwarzbier, or, in other words, a German-style black lager.  Oma’s Tribute has a beautiful rich, brown color with deep red undertones that appear when the beer is held up to the light.  Even though this beer is dark, it is very crisp, with a light, clean finish (making it very easy to drink :).) The black malt used during the brewing process give this beer its dark color, and a slight roasty taste.  The hops are present in this beer, but definitely restrained compared to our Bohemian Pilsener.

Oma’s Tribute was inspired by my Grandma Reese, who passed away last year. Grandma meant the world to me, so I wanted to create a beer as a tribute to her memory.  The style (schwarzbier) and the name (Oma) was chosen to represent Grandma’s German heritage.

Grandma Reese had all the attributes one typically thinks of in a perfect Grandma – thoughtful, loving, proud of her grand (and great-grand) kids, and, of course, a great dessert maker!  But, she was also a lot more. She was full of energy, fun to hang out with (as evidenced in the pictures above and below), a great gardener, open-minded, and, perhaps best of all, she had a way of making everyone feel loved & special.  She inspired me to reach for my dreams and goals, and provided unconditional love & support along the way.

So, cheers to you, Grandma Reese!

Cheers to you, Grandma Reese!