Our Playlist experimental beer series features the same base IPA recipe (oats, 2-Row and Pilsen malt from Valley Malt). But, every time we make a batch, we switch up either the yeast OR the hops. Playlist 10:01 is crafted with Dragon, Wolf, Fox, and Chinook hops, a heavy dose of flaked and golden naked oats, and London III yeast. The resulting beer is a hazy, golden-colored New England IPA with a super aromatic grassy, resinous “green” aroma, enhanced by citrus and mild tropical notes. Playlist 10:01 drinks super dank and grassy, with flavors of grapefruit pith, candied lemon, and tropical pineapple, finishing with a mildly herbaceous, dry finish.

Assistant brewer says Playlist 10 “is great!”. If you know Andrew, that’s a ringing endorsement!