Reply All?! is our Hoppy Extra Session Ale. At 0.92%, Reply All?! is bordering on being classified as a Non-Alcoholic beer, yet offers aromas and flavors of a full alcohol pale ale – sweet apricot and citrus, ending with an IPA-like dank bitterness. This is the second beer in our new “Working” From Home beer series, focused on truly sessionable beers designed with an ABV of 3% or less. *Note – contains lactose.

Here are some additional notes:

Color – Mildly hazy, light gold color with a white head that dissipates fairly quickly.

Aroma – Sweet apricot and citrus with a slight green hoppy aroma.

Flavor – Candied citrus, stone fruit, ending with an IPA-like dank bitterness.

Body – Surprisingly full mouthfeel for a beer with less than 1% alcohol. You’d might expect the beer to drink like seltzer, but it’d body is akin to more of a lighter pale ale.

Calories – 90 calories per pint, 67.5 calories per 12 oz.