Rosé Sangria Party Pants is, as the name suggests, a beer that drinks like a tropical, tart sangria! It features grapes and raspberries from our farm as well as currants (white, black, and red), pineapple, and blueberries. This beer’s festive pink color will make you want to get your party pants on!

Here are our tasting notes for this refreshing beer:

Appearance: hazy magenta / pink with a beautiful white head.

Aroma: citrus, berries, sweet wine (grapes), and tropical pineapple

Flavor: tropical citrus and pineapple, raspberries with currant, and mild lemon and lime. There is also a strong sweet wine note that rounds everything out!

Body: This beer has a rather full body for a sour, with a soft mouthfeel.

Rosé Sangria Party Pants 

Annette is loving the new Rosé Sangria Party Pants!