Strawberry & Lemon Basil Party Pants features delicate flavors and aromas of strawberry, enhanced by lemon basil from our farm. Each sip starts with a pop of tart citrus up front, followed by light strawberry flavors, and finishing with a mild herbal, lemony basil note that will linger pleasantly on the palate. This refreshing beer makes a wonderful accompaniment to light, summery foods. Here are our tasting notes:

Appearance: Golden strawberry blonde in color with a delicate white head.

Aroma: The initial aroma is of earthy basil spice, finishing with a sweet, citrusy strawberry note.

Flavor: Tart citrus up front, followed by delicate strawberry flavors, finishing with a lingering herbal note from the lemon basil- kind of like a floral, basil lemon drop finish.

Body: Body is on the medium-side.

Beer on the farm

Strawberry & Lemon Basil Party Pants made with lemon basil from our farm!