We are thrilled to announce the fourth beer in our Can of Kindness charitable beer series – it’s a 4.5% ABV American Black Lager called Blacknificent. $1 from every draft pour and 50% of can profits from this beer will go to help sponsor The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire’s new poetry series called The Black Matter Is Life: Poetry for Engagement and Overcoming. Blacknificent will go on sale here at Throwback Brewery starting on Black Friday (during our Big Barrel of a Black Friday event)! Read on for more details about the beer and the poetry series.

First, let’s talk beer! Blacknificent is a light bodied, roasty beer with a crisp & effervescent mouthfeel (characteristic of lagers) and notes of chocolate and a hint of dark caramel. If you like our Oma’s Tribute black lager, you will love Blacknificent! There are a few key differences in these beers, though. Blacknificent uses an American lager yeast with a lower attenuation % than the yeast used in Oma’s. Said in a less geeky way, the Blacknificent yeast eats less of the sugar, and, as a result, Blacknificent features a very lovely, mild sweetness with every sip.

The other main difference is the grain bill. In Blacknificent, we added a hefty dose of corn flakes as well as some chocolate wheat. Corn adjuncts are quite popular in American Lagers, so, if you close your eyes and take a sip of Blacknificent, you *might* think you are about to drink a PBR! The chocolate wheat contributes to the flavor, color, and body of Blacknificent, while also adding a bit of a creamy mouthfeel.


$10 gets you this glass AND a full pour of Blacknificent!

We will start pouring Blacknificent here on Black Friday (11/27/20) at 2pm. We will also be offering a special Blacknificent deal — for $10, you can take home the new New Hampshire Brewer’s Association pint glass AND enjoy a full pour of Blacknificent here. $1 of your purchase will go to the New Hampshire Brewers’ Association, and $1 will go to Portsmouth’s Black Heritage Trail! So drink up and do some good at the same time!

Now, without further ado, here’s some information about The Black Heritage Trail’s virtual poetry reading and discussion, using their words:

In this series, we will explore and discuss the rich tradition and innovation found in African American poetry. Poetry is a powerful art form, one that offers profound insights into what it means to be human. Through the creative, succinct, and melodious use of language, poets render into words their joys, their challenges, their vulnerabilities, and their discoveries, thus providing shape and meaning to the human connection and shared emotional experience.

In the wake of our nation’s current unrest, this program is designed to build bridges across the racial divide by introducing the audience to the writings of a number of African American poets whose work has shone a light on a rich cultural heritage that has often gone unexplored. This program asks the audience to consider how African American poetry provides tools for healing our nation’s deep racial wounds.

We are thrilled to be able to support such an important dialogue. If you are interested in attending the session on December 9th or January 21st, head on over to the Black Heritage Trail website for all the details, including the study guide.

Support the poetry series at the Black Heritage Trail of NH with your purchase of Blacknificent! Eyes closed with excitement!