November 27th, 2020


Throwback Brewery Beer Garden

A few years ago, we decided that the best way to celebrate Black Friday was to fill many of our tap lines with dangerously delicious dark beer! Well, fast forward a few years, and we still love celebrating Black Friday with dark beer, but, this year, we decided to up the ante BIG time. Please join us on Friday, November 27th (2-7:30pm) for our Big Barrel of a Black Friday event, featuring FIVE high ABV dark, barrel-aged beers, plus a few other roasty, toasty goodies. We expect the party to go into the weekend, so, if you plan on stopping by on Saturday 11/28 (12-7:30pm) or Sunday 11/29 (12-6pm), we will have the same beer lineup– as long as the beers last!

Here’s the BIG Beer lineup:

  • 2018 Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitive Russian Imperial Stout 10.9% ABV – This beer will tantalize your taste buds with flavors of dark chocolate, roast, fig, and dark berries, with an oaky and slightly boozy finish.  
  • 2019 Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitive Russian Imperial Stout 11.4% ABV – Our classic Russian Imperial Stout, aged in a Port Barrel is a big, jammy beauty of a beer with flavors of cherry, berry, and coffee & cream.  
  • 2019 Der Sandman 9.9% ABV – a Cognac barrel-aged and cold-aged dopplebock that boasts huge flavors and aromas of fig, raisin, caramelized brown sugar, and plum – all underscored by a balanced alcohol warmth. Cold aged for 20 months!  
  • Boysenberry Dark Cuvée 9.8% ABV – is a cuvée of a rum barrel-aged Imperial Porter with a Four Roses Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout that’s been finished with boysenberries. This jet black beer features a soft and creamy mouthfeel with flavors and aromas of dark chocolate, black coffee, bramble berry, oak, tobacco, and red wine, with a slight bit of funk. Draft with some 350ml bottles for sale, too.
  • Coconut Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout 11.1% ABV – This lusciously indulgent beer features a roasty, dark rum aroma and initial flavors of smooth vanilla, coffee, and dark caramel, followed by a punch of dark fruit and chocolate-covered berry jamminess, all underscored by a big boozy warmth.

Keep NH Brewing!We’ll be updating this page with the final beer lineup as we get closer to Black Friday. That being said, you can expect us to offer a sour or two, a hoppy beer or two, and a crisp drinking beer or two in addition to the big barrel beers. We will also be unveiling the fourth of our Can of Kindness (charitable beer series) beers- a 4.5% American Black Lager called Blacknificent. $1 from every draft pour and 50% of can profits from this new beer will go to new poetry series organized by The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire.

In addition, for $10, you will get the newest New Hampshire Brewer’s Association pint glass (pictured here), with a full pour of Blacknificent. $1 of your purchase will go to the New Hampshire Brewers’ Association, and $1 will go to Portsmouth’s Black Heritage Trail! So drink up and do some good at the same time!

Reservations and Sample Trays and More You Should Know:

Our plan is to hold this event outside. If you expect the big beers and a warm jacket won’t be enough to keep you warm, please bring a blanket! As always, reservations are recommended. That being said, you can always stop by to shop our store, pick up a bottle of the Cuvee, or sign up for the Rare Breed Series (more below) without a reservation.

We just got in 4 ounce compostable cups, so, yes, we will be offering flights / sample trays.

If it rains, we still be offering all the big barrel beers, but we suspect most folks will simply want to get a growlette fill or two of some of the big ABV beers via takeout.

Given the high ABV of these beers, we are limiting full pours to two a person unless you have a designated driver!

How To Bring The Big Barrel Yumminess Home?

We are offering growlette fills of some of the Big Barrel beers, and we will have ~40 bottles of our Boysenberry Dark Cuvée for sale. AND, for those of you really into the big and dark barrel-aged beers, our Rare Breed – Party Like It’s 2019 Edition will go on sale on Black Friday. All beers in this series were brewed in the good ‘ole years of 2018-2019. And, each beer has been carefully curated to maximize ABV & flavor and minimize memories of 2020! The four beers in the series include our Port Barrel 5-Minute Fugitive Russian Imperial Stout, 2019 Der Sandman and two ‘yet to be bottled beers’–> a Rye Barrel-Aged Barleywine 11.45% ABV (our barleywine aged in a rye barrel that started it’s life as a red wine barrel) and a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Strong Ale 11.8% ABV. All the details on the beers, pricing, and program can be found here.