We are saying goodbye to reservations and moving back to walk-in service! Based upon plenty of feedback from you guys and our desire to make it easier for you to visit on a whim, we are now ‘no reservations’. We think there are many benefits to this approach, including being able to relax strict table time limits, as well as eliminating the sometimes awkward gaps between reservations that make some customers scratch their heads about why they can’t sit at seemingly empty tables. We are also hoping that by doing away with those gaps and avoiding ‘no shows’, we should be able to accommodate more guests during the busy season.

If you have an existing reservation, we will, of course, honor it. Have a party greater than 6 (including kids)? Since larger tables are still limited, feel free to email us at [email protected], with the # of people in your party and your desired date / time, and we will then get back to you with what we can accommodate. Finally, to simplify visiting during busy times (like Saturday), we’ve implemented a waitlist, where you can see how long of a wait it might be for a table. During our open hours, you can add your party to the waitlist, as well!

As an FYI, this time of year, we tend to have plenty of seats available – especially Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as Fridays up until the dinner rush… or Sundays during Pats games 🙂 – so the waitlist will likely be mostly in play on Saturdays.