Looking for a unique and sassy gift option for the brat / sausage lover in your life? How about a monthly sausage subscription (saus-cription), featuring nine different kinds of freshly made sausage? All sausage will be lovingly made here at Throwback Brewery and labeled under our Lady Sausage brand. Our sausage makes for great sandwiches, soups, snacks, supper, and more! Sounds like a tasty gift for you or a loved one? Read on for all the details!

Each month we will package up for you three kinds of sausage:

  • One of our Fan Favorites– these are our time-tested recipes that many of you have come to know and love.
  • One from The Test Kitchen – small batch, seasonally and/or holiday-inspired sausages with a culinary twist.
  • One from The Smokin’ Section – fully cooked, slow-smoked sausage – a real treat!

You can buy a one month package for $35.99, or, save by buying three months for just $99! With the three month subscription, we will email you recipe ideas and cooking instructions. We might also include a few sausage jokes! 😉 

Here’s what we have planned for January, February, and March:

How to Buy?

The Fine Print

  • All sausage will need to be picked up at Throwback Brewery during the month it is released. We do not ship fresh sausage. 
  • Raw sausage will be frozen. Simply pop it into the freezer when you get home for use at a future date, or thaw in your refrigerator for use the next day.
  • Smoked sausage will be fresh and ready to eat. Please eat your smoked sausage within 10 days of it’s ‘born on’ date, or put it into the freezer for you to enjoy at a future date. If you don’t pick up your monthly subscription within the first three days of its availability, we will freeze your smoked sausage for you.
  • Sausage must be picked up during the month it is released.

Now, Some Sausage Eye Candy!

gobble, gobble, gobble

Our sausage is made from pork butts – no scrap!

check out our packaging!

All sausage will be packaged under our Lady Sausage brand.

This is our Andouille before it hits the smoker.

Our sausage makes for great sammies, soups, snacks, supper, and more!