** Sales are closed for now. Check back in April as we might make more shares available **

If you are shopping local this year and/or looking for a way to support local agriculture and small businesses, please check out our 2021 CSA! CSA’s are Community Supported Agriculture, essentially a relationship between our farm and you, our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food, you guys become “members” of our farm and receive a portion of our harvest each week, via shares. Our farm adheres to the principles of organic farming – we do not use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, and we endeavor to use growing practices that are sustainable.

What Are the CSA Options?
In 2021, we are offering two kinds of CSAs – a Combo CSA Farm Share AND a Flower Share. With both options you will be supporting local agriculture!

Combo CSA Farm Share
The Combo CSA Farm Share is 18 weeks long, running the 3rd week of June through 2nd week of October (6/16/2021 – 10/15/2021). Every week, you will get a box containing ~21/22 dollars of fresh, sustainable produce – grown right here at Hobbs Farm! This includes small flower bouquets when seasonally available. You’ll also receive a Hobbs Farm Stand credit of $100 that can be used from the 3rd week of June until the end of October. You can use this flexible credit to pick out exactly what you need for a given week from our farm stand, including produce, flowers, bread, eggs, and sausage. Our Farm Stand will be open daily June through October.
Our CSA is designed to feed 1 hungry vegetarian or 2 carnivores.

We are offering two pick up days to choose from – Wednesday or Friday, 4-close at Throwback Brewery. The cost of this CSA is $450 per share (with a value to you of ~$478-500), not including the additional benefits below:

  • Weekly emails with updates from the farm and recipes for the week’s produce.
  • 10% off of beers that you consume here at Throwback Brewery during pickup hours during the 18-week period. The 10% discount will apply to two people max (e.g., you and one other person).
  • There is also the hard to quantify, feel-good benefit of supporting local agriculture!

Flower CSA
Our Flower CSA is 10 weeks long, running the 3rd week of July through 3rd week of September (7/12/2021– 9/17/2021). With this option, you get handcrafted arrangements of locally and sustainably grown flowers every week for 10 weeks. We grow over 100 varieties of flowers, which mean different blooms each week! 

Our Flower CSA is $180, with the following pickup options (all at Throwback Brewery):

  • Monday afternoon pickup
  • Wednesday pickup 4-close
  • Friday pickup 4-close

How do I buy a share?
You can buy a share online here. Or, during Throwback’s open hours, you can give us a call (603 379 2317 x1) or stop by, and we can help you out. Please let us know what CSA option you are interested in, as well as the pickup day. Our lead farmer will then get back to you with additional details. 

What might be in a Combo CSA share?
Last year’s shares included kale, chard, cabbage, radishes, turnips, scallions, assorted greens, garlic, lots of different herbs, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, husk cherries, assorted berries, beets, flowers, tomatillos, eggplant, green beans, squash, lettuce, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, pears, peaches, and more.

Interested in sponsoring a share?
A dream of ours is to make local, sustainable produce available to anyone who wants it. You can help us fulfill our goal by sponsoring a share or a micro-share for a local family that would otherwise be unable to afford one. Interested? Click here. 100% of your donation will go towards getting a full farm share for a qualified local family.

Here are some pictures of last year’s Flower Share: