Back in the day (before Covid :), we all had a lot of fun with a little beer series we affectionately called the Hoppin’ Summer Series, which gave our brewers the freedom to create four experimental, small batch brews each designed to highlight a unique hop, new hopping technique, or a ‘new to us’ style of IPA. Well, we are thrilled to announce that the Hoppin’ Summer Series is back! He’s what we are planning so far:

May: Resort Casual – a sessionable (5%) IPA – soft, crisp, and absolutely full of ripe fruit flavors – pineapple, apricot, cantelope.
June: For Dad (American IPA) is making a comeback, with a slightly modernized recipe!
July: We are making a Triple IPA for our birthday!!
August: – TBD – just expect us to bring the HAZE!

Hoppin Summer Series 2024!

Hop-rageous fun!