A play on one of our favorite cocktails, Spicy Paloma Party Pants is a sour ale brewed with grapefruit, lime, and Serrano peppers. The result is a tart & spicy beer with an aroma of bright, fresh peppers and flavors of grapefruit and earthy Serranos, balanced by a pop of fresh lime and a kick of heat.

If you are wondering how hot this beer is, we give it a two pepper level of heat, if you compare it to our Spicy Bohemian jalapeño pilsener, which we consider a one pepper level of heat. It makes sense since Serranos are about two to five times hotter than jalapeños.

Here are some more detailed tasting notes:

Appearance– tangerine in color with ruby red undertones and an off white head that dissipates quickly

Aroma-  tart and spicy, with the spicy aroma being of bright, fresh peppers with some subtle earthy, floral notes

Flavor – mild grapefruit up front followed by the earthy, fresh pepper heat of the Serranos and a balanced pop of fresh lime. This beer finishes with a ‘squeeze your cheeks’ tartness and a kick of heat that lingers on the tongue. 

Body –  smooth, dry, medium body

Pairing – burgers, beet salad, oysters, lobster roll

Spicy Paloma Party Pants is one of three brand new beers for our 2022 Spicy Days. Based upon feedback from our spicy customers 🙂 , we’ve canned this beer plus the Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer!