September 27th, 2023


4:00 pm


Throwback Brewery

While we may make many barrel-aged beers over the course of the year, only the very best make it into bottles. We names these unique and carefully crafted creations Rare Breed. And, we are excited to announce, that will be releasing FOUR Rare Breed bottles on Wednesday, September 27th!

The beers include:
 Annette & Nicole’s Excellent Adventure — (9.2% ABV)- Manhattan Barrel-Aged Dopplebock with flavors of bready / biscuity malt upfront, followed by notes of cherry and caramel, finishing with a pop of oaky bourbon and a lingering toffee sweetness.

– Peach Brandy Barrel-Aged Scottish Ale – 5.5% ABV – Features aromas of peach gummy rings and tastes like toasted brown bread with a schmear of tangy peach jam. The barrel contributes notes of oak, hints of brandy, a subtle smokiness, and a dry finish.

Circle of Strangers Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout– 11.1% ABV – This ridiculously smooth and luxurious imperial stout features flavors and aromas of port wine, dark chocolate, and tangy dark fruit jam, with some mild notes of oak and rum.  The body on this beer is rich and full, coating the tongue with smile-inducing boozy warmth. You won’t want to miss this one!

New England Barrel Company Bourbon Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter – a 9.3% big, smooth beer with notes of dark chocolate, oak, raisin, cherry, and light smoke up front, finishing with subtle flavors of fruity caramel, vanilla, and nutmeg, with a lingering alcohol warmth.

Come on by and try all four on draft, and grab some bottles for yourself – or friends!


grab a bottle of this boozy beauty to share with friends – or soon to be friends!